Open Data Project

Built the world's most comprehensive COVID dataset in collaboration with Google. Tracking sub-national cases and vaccine deployment data for 20,000+ distinct locations in over 190 countries.

If it matters to you, it matters to us.

Our work has gone into vaccine research, helped governments decide public policy, and guide travel safety measures amongst many other things. The work has been used by many organizations such as the WHO/Covax, The World Bank, IMF, Harvard University Research, USAID, and Verily just to name a few international organizations.

Our work

We find missing data and put it to work. 190+ countries.


Pamela N. Hoalt, PhD (1 year)

Professor Emerita, Health Education, Malone University. Taught Public Health with specialty areas in Epidemiology, Community & Public Health, Program Planning & Evaluation, and Health Psychology. Currently a Reviewer for Current Psychology and Journal of School Health. Enjoying working immensely with the FinMango Team on the COVID-19 Project.

James F. Glasgow, PhD (1 year)

Jim's research interests include computer ethics and the ancient philosophical concepts of virtue and justice. Additionally, he is interested in information technology history, how technology affects the human need for solitude, and health information systems. He has given presentations in the area of computer ethics in New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Glasgow is a FBI InfraGard member and has attended meetings at the Cleveland FBI office. InfraGard is associated with the FBI and is dedicated to sharing sensitive but unclassified information and intelligence.

James Glasgow, Pharm.D. (1 year)

Hi! My name is James Glasgow and I am from Green, Ohio. I’m currently the chief pharmacist at a chain pharmacy in Northeast Ohio. I have a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree and an undergrad degree in mathematics. I enjoy playing tennis, basketball, and working with anything that has to do with numbers. Other interests include hiking, pets, and the desire to learn new things. As Mango Scott’s brother, I have seen how much the organization has grown in such a short amount of time. I have witnessed how much FinMango has impacted the lives of so many all around the world. I officially joined FinMango as a member of the COVID-19 Data Project. I have helped locate “hard to find” data from around the world and help make it readily accessible to anyone. This important work has led to the formation of some of the best data in the world for certain countries. Working with so many passionate and brilliant members of FinMango, I hope to continue contributing to FinMango’s many endeavors for the future.

Rebeca Lozano (1 year)

Rebeca Lozano is a recent Economics graduate from The University of Texas at Austin and is continuing her studies at Liverpool John Moores University as an aspiring data scientist. She is committed to solving real world problems through the use of data and has dedicated her time applying analytical skills on a larger scale. She has worked with university programs to enhance the quality, accessibility, and structure of their data and hopes to continue adapting her skills to provide innovative economic solutions. In her free time, Rebeca enjoys running, baking, and language learning!

Uday Patel (1 year)

Hello! My name is Uday Patel and I'm currently a sophomore at The Ohio State University. I'm pursuing a degree in Management Information System with a minor in Finance and Real Estate.

Kishan Patel (1 year)

Hello y’all! My name is Kishan, and I am a graduate of The Ohio State University with a BSBA in Finance and Real Estate. Growing up I attended many schools, my favorite of all was when I had the opportunity to go to Baroda, India and attend an International school during my 5th/6th grade years. I was very involved in my schooling experience in India wether it was in sports, academics, social life or even philanthropy. My most memorable experience was when I got a chance to give back to many neighboring communities the knowledge that I learned in my classes to kids of neighboring suburbs that did not have access to proper schooling. After coming back to the United States during my middle school years and till now, I have tried to involve myself into areas of work that have some sort of aspect in their curriculum to give back in any way shape or form. After hearing about FinMango (through Uday Patel), I instantly fell in love with their mission and wanted to get involved right away!

Enrico Buoro (1 year)

My name is Enrico Buoro, I am Brazilian, currently in my senior year of high school, I am also a tennis player, and very passionate about finance, investing, and helping others, all to which makes me love being a part of this organization.

Ojasvinee Singh (11 months)

Hi! My name is Ojasvinee Singh (I go by OJ) and I am currently a second-year law student at The George Washington University Law School. I attended the University of Pennsylvania for undergrad, where I majored in Political Science, minored in Legal Studies & History, and Economic Policy, and played varsity tennis (Go Quakers!) In my spare time, I enjoy reading history and fiction, listening to music, and watching sports and comedy TV shows. My quarantine hobby has been learning how to DJ, and sadly, that has not been going quite as well as I'd hoped. I am very passionate about transparency, especially when it comes to public health data, because any degree of information is essential to containing and beating Covid-19, and am super excited to meet all the passionate people involved in making this project happen!

Kevin D'Souza (11 months)

My name is Kevin D'Souza and I am currently a rising third-year at the University of Cincinnati majoring in accounting and minoring in business analytics. I am from Dublin, OH, a suburb outside of Columbus, but am in Cincinnati for most of the year due to school. I joined FinMango for the purpose of raising awareness of the importance of financial literacy, but due to COVID, I have been able to make an impact by helping with The COVID/Vaccine Monitor.

Martin Noguera (10 months)

Martin Noguera is a Research Administrator for the Department of Anesthesiology in the College of Medicine and a PhD seeking student at the University of Florida. He has received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Florida International University in Miami and a Master of Science degree in Microbiology & Cell Science with concentration in Medical Microbiology and Biochemistry from the University of Florida. Martin has presented research in national conferences and is a recent author with a publication in the Journal of Agriculture & Life Sciences called, “Human Gut Microbiome Metabolism and Autism Spectrum Disorder.” He also serves as a committee member for the Department of Anesthesiology’s Wellness initiative. His research areas of interest include human microbiome correlations with intestinal and extra-intestinal disease/disorder; Autism Spectrum Disorder pathology, intervention, and therapeutics; U.S. Covid-19 K-12th grade cases and international vaccine administration data analysis; and Miami-Dade County shooting geography data for interactive mapping and AI. He is a University Multicultural Mentor and PUSH4it Coach with a passion for inclusivity in research, workplace, community, and academic institutions.

Nathan Immel (1 month)

Hi Everyone! I'm currently studying Finance at Miami University and really enjoy spending my time in nature. I love to hike, camp, play sports, and run! I find meeting new people and hearing their stories to be incredibly exciting, so please don't be afraid to reach out at any time!!

Scott Glasgow

👋 Hi! I’m Scott, the founder of FinMango. My humanitarian work has received international recognition in dozens of media articles, including, CNN, The New York Times, NBC, The Daily Beast, and TIME Magazine. I can also be found on as a 2x TEDx speaker in countries I don't speak the language in (Portuguese/French) and have spoken to over 100 high schools, universities, and conferences. I'm a steward of the earth and a champion for the poor. Currently co-authoring a children’s book about marine life and the effects of pollution and I like to relax with rock climbing, tennis, yoga, basketball, & kayaking.

Oscar Wahltinez

Engineer at Google and Board Member at FinMango. Passionate about financial and technological literacy as the foundation for wellbeing.

Past Projects

The COVID Monitor

Built the world's most comprehensive k-12 covid tracker that tracked 6500+ schools in the United States.

The Vaccine Monitor

Built the world's most comprehensive COVID heatmap on Vaccine Deployment.

  • Researched potential data sources for vaccine deployment.

  • Worked on visualizing the data into a HeatMap (sponsored by MapBox).


Oscar Wahltinez, Scott Glasgow, Pam Hoalt PhD, James Glasgow PhD, James Glasgow PharmD, Kishan Patel, Uday Patel, Ojasvinee Singh, Enrico Buroro, Martin Noguera, Kevin D’Souza, Rebeca Lozano, Nathan Immel.

Past Contributors:

Bruna Chixaro, Josh Burton, Anthony Schilt, Nicholas Lange, Corina Newsome, Kevin doyle, Hector Garcia, Dylan Forman, Bryce Chappelear, Esha Sharma, Ahana Samat, Erik Liang, Marc Via, PhD., Jessie Francis, Anna Cava Grosso, Jared Orr, Caitlin Murphy, Alex Mitchell, Bailey Mohri, Harsha Haribhaskar, Leigh Mante, Nathan Manthei, Ishaan Dey, Antonio Machioni, Daniel Choi, Amber Wall, Azzzaam Kapadia, Tobias Abramenko, Siona Pathak, Sam Holtzapple, Swetha Sukumar, Tristan Groenewold, Jon Li, Bill Maimone, Chelsie Kindangen, Angelica Carlos.

Data License:

All of our data is licensed under CC-BY 4.0. You can use it for any purpose you want, provided that proper attribution is given.

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